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Review Doctor Who S08E09 - Flatline (spoilers!)

I’m in absolute denial that there are only 3 more episodes after this one. Just to make that clear.

Flatline, yet another amazing episode in a season that’s made of amazing episodes, is the episode with the curious case of the the short/curly hair of the Doctor and is also the episode where the Doctor oozes pure sex whilst destroying some aliens. Yes….but I get ahead of myself.

I feel that the Clara/Danny/Doctor triangle is sort of hanging in the air, waiting to be resolved. Clara is lying to the Doctor about Danny’s approval, whilst lying to Danny about her whereabouts. Can’t keep this up forever, me thinks! While the Doctor was supposed to bring Clara home at the right time at the right place, he lands her in Bristol, in a shrunken TARDIS. While Clara investigates (and meets the community service supervisor from hell) the TARDIS keeps on shrinking until we can only see the Doctor’s face or hands appearing from within. Earth is all of a sudden threatened by a sort of aliens who dissolve their victims in walls and floors and such until they learn how to reassemble in 3D. Meanwhile, the TARDIS is in lockdown, the Doctor fearing this might in fact be the very end. And appears with considerable shorter hair. Maybe it shrunk due to the cold in the TARDIS? (I say no to the disappearance of the mighty curls though)

Of course, Clara saves the day, acting as the Doctor would….and is able to give the TARDIS a mighty energy boost….And then…yes, then…we get the Doctor in all his splendour. He now knows that the aliens are vile and evil and sets out to get rid of them. That moment, ready for battle, ready to defend the earth….my god…that was orgasmic. We see Peter in all his grandeur, with the evil eye and giving those wicked aliens what’s coming to them. I think I’ll have that scene on endless repeat all week. Getting all flustered just thinking about it again. (BEST DOCTOR WHO MOMENT EVER)

The final scene was quite sad because it became clear what a low self esteem the Doctor really has. He agrees with Clara that she made an exceptional Doctor…but it had nothing to do with goodness. I didn’t need that after all that pure sexiness… 

And yes, we had Missy back! And she ‘chose’ Clara….??? I guess we have one more episode before the final two-parter where we will finally find out. I hope?

Review Doctor Who S08E08 - Mummy on the Orient Express (spoilers!)

Are you my mummy? This episode is about an actual mummy only people who are about to die (in 66 seconds to be precise) can see.

The Doctor and Clara embark on their last (or is it?) adventure together, on the space Orient Express when a mummy causes havoc. People die and no one can do anything about it, until of course, the Doctor comes along. Not so much screen time together for the Doctor and Clara this time and at first I was boiling that she was even in it but the end made up for it. Sort of.

We see a hardboiled Doctor trying to solve the case…and we have …yes!!!! JELLY BABIES in a cigarette box (I was just frantic about that scene!!!) We have Clara wearing a dress I need to OWN. We have Foxes singing a cover of Don’t Stop Me Now. Well, about two lines of it…We have a great Frank Skinner…I was a bit disillusioned when he turned down the offer to stay in the TARDIS. I loved the banter between him and Peter. 

But what did I think of the episode? Well, I loved it. It was a sort of who done it slash sci fi slash relationship story. We had the Doctor on great form, great outfits all around, excitement, suspense, humour, fantastic dialogues, … and of course the jelly babies. 

However, as a side note: I did think the reconciliation between the Doctor and Clara seemed a bit forced. It was as if the writers had no idea how to tackle this so they just made it a spur of the moment thing. 

Classic Who, no fuss no muss. And Peter looked just divine in that suit. 

Only 4 more episodes to go this season…. 

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