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Review Doctor Who S08E04 - Listen (spoilers!)

After last week’s flamboyant romp in the forrest, this week’s Listen was a moody intimate affair and, above all, the best episode of this series so far. Which is a bit of a surprise since it’s penned by Moffat. However, somehow, Steven managed to write the absolute perfect Doctor Who story with a lot of love for both the characters and the history of Doctor Who.

It concentrates on the feeling of fear, of loneliness, of that sickly feeling someone’s with you in the room. A feeling we all have when we are kids but if we had to be honest, we have to admit that even as grown ups, there are moments you just know you’re not alone. So does the Doctor.

Peter Capaldi basically grabs the crown of best Doctor ever in this episode. His acting is both outlandish and intimate, bold and frightened. He gives the character a depth that hasn’t been there in oh so many years. There’s a profoundness to him that I really have missed so much.

The dynamics between Clara and the Doctor keep on growing stronger and better with every episode. There’s a lot of trust and friendship there. The dialogues keep on hitting the mark. When the Doctor tells Clara that it was too late since she had taken all her make up off, I roared with laughter. There are quite a few of those fleeting remarks that relieve the tension a bit and make you either giggle or laugh out loud. The most endearing moment was when Clara hugged the Doctor whether he liked it or not. Made me think of a little kid who secretly does want a hug but just doesn’t want to let it be known. Also, at times the Doctor’s facial expressions were quite Tuckeresque. Especially that manic grin. Loved that!

Danny Pink was further introduced in this episode. We see a young man who’s really uncertain and bumbling on his first date. I see a lot of potential in the upcoming relationship between Clara and him. Will he ever know that the Doctor’s visit has influenced his life so utterly?

There were of course scary scenes. The red bedspread rising up and whoever came from underneath certainly was a tense moment. Plus the knocking on the door….

The trip back into time, 2000 years ago or so, to the little boy crying in his bed was an actual goosebumps inducing moment. When we realise that the boy was in fact the first Doctor as a little boy. When it’s Clara who grabs him by the ankle from under the bed…when we see a flash forward to the War Doctor visiting that barn again in the Day of the Doctor…A true timey wimey moment indeed. Probably, some fans won’t like this portrayal of the Doctor as a child but I loved it. 

Listen is an episode that sissles long after watching it and will quite possibly become one of those true Doctor Who epic episodes in the long run. It gave me butterflies in my stomach and I don’t think I’ve had that since Blink. So a big thank you to Steven Moffat for writing this beautiful serenade to Doctor Who.

Review Doctor Who S08E03 - Robot Of Sherwood (Spoilers!)

After last week’s darkness, existentialism and introspectiveness, this week was a good old fashioned proper Doctor Who adventure. When I first heard that they would do an episode on Robin Hood, I have to confess, I did scratch my head. But when I heard Mark Gatiss, my absolute favourite Doctor Who writer, would pen the episode, I knew it’d be in safe hands. And basically, it turned out to be an amazing romp.

The story was fun filled, adventure packed with thrills, frills and madness. Robin Hood was perfectly portrayed by Tom Riley, a merry young man in tights. He was instantly believable as the iconic character and the banter between him and the Doctor was priceless. When they reached the inside of the spaceship, I actually half dreamed that he’d become the new companion. The two men behaved in what can only be described as…boys! Absolutely delightful.

The no good Sheriff of Nottingham was played by Ben Miller. I know Ben mostly for being quite hapless but he was an excellent and convincing villain. At times truly menacing. 

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought of the fantastic Alan Rickman as Sheriff when Capaldi came up with the spoon. (Alan was by far the only reason to watch that dreary Prince of Thieves film, being a perfect Sheriff, but that aside) 

This is the first episode since the Time of Capaldi where there’s less screen time between Clara and the Doctor and….I have to admit, I was again more irritated by her. That air of I can do anything was right back, something that’s faded since Peter took over as she knows it doesn’t work on him. But once she’s off on her own, it comes back high speed. 

Favourite moments for me where the spoon fight (of course) with especially the Doctor’s face when his button drops, Robin and The Doctor in the dungeon (sounds kinkier than it should) and of course The Doctor being kissed forcing a crack in that hard facade (yup, I melted).

There aren’t any bad points to come up with this week, except that the story was perhaps not very fleshed out but the way it was acted made you forget all about that. 

Next week: Listen … the episode I’ve been looking forward to the most!!

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